St. Mary's Parish Church, Black Torrington, Devon
1791, John Avery
It was in South Brent (Brent Knoll) Parish Church, was transferred to Berrow
in 1881, and then, in 1903, here by Edward A. Donaldson, assistant curate.
Originally a barrel and finger organ, but the barrel mechanism is no longer extant though access panels at the rear show where it once was. This could be the time when it received a new case front.
Hele & Co, 1936, overhaul
1959, restored, unknown
1987, William Drake, restored and pedals removed
Stopt Diapason - 8 Avery
Dulciana - 8 Avery & 19th century
Principal Treble - 4 Avery
Principal Bass - 4 Avery
Fifteenth Treble - 2 Avery
Fifteenth Bass - 2 Avery
Sesquialtera Bass III new
Cornet Treble II new
57 notes GG - e ''', no GG#
15-comma meantone
electric blowing

A 10" x 8" colour photograph or high resolution image is available from the original. Please contact us for further details