St. Catherine's Parish Church, Withleigh, Devon
Joseph Walker, 166 High Holborn, London, c.1840
N P Mander, 1945, restored; in St. Pancras' Mission, London WC1
Moved to Withleigh from St. Denys, Lisvane, South Glamorgan
Open Diapason - 8
Diapason Bass - 8
Stop Diapason Treble - 8
Keraulophon - 8
Principal - 4
Fifteenth - 2
all enclosed in a nags-head swellbox with glass panels
GG - f ''' 58 notes - no GG#
lever swellpedal
electric blowing
A 10" x 8" colour photograph or high resolution image is available from the original. Please contact us for further details