Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ashby St Mary, Norfolk
J W Walker, 1866, rebuilt using earlier material for the wife of Edward Birkbeck, Esq
Rooks Nest, Godstone, Surrey
1868, moved to Horstead Hall, Norfolk
1873, Walker, tonal alterations
1914, bought by Mrs Julia Wyndham Gray for Ashby St Mary Church
2009, Bower & Co., restored
Manual (enclosed):
Open Diapason - 8'
Stop'd Diapason Bass - 8' from f
Wald Flute Treble - 8' (changed from Stopped Diapason treble, 1873)
Keraulophon - 8' from f (Gamba pipes)
Principal - 4' GG-BB stopped wood
Fifteenth - 2'
manual: GG (no GG#) - e''' 57 notes
pedal: GG - d 20 notes
lever swellpedal
electric blowing (hand-feeder gear remains in place)
A 10" x 8" colour photograph or high resolution image is available from the original. Please contact us for further details