Parish Church of All Saints, Thornage, Norfolk
Thomas Elliot, Tottenham Court, London, 1812, for Swanton Novers Hall. Sold to the church for £14
W & A Boggis, Diss, Norfolk 1945, overhauled
Goetze & Gwynn, 2003, restoration to original 1812 condition including reinstatement of the Hautboy which was found on the roof of the organ and elsewhere in the church
Manual (enclosed):
Open Diapason - 8 GG - f# from Stopped Diapason bass
Stopped Diapason bass - 8 GG - f#
Stopped Diapason treble - 8 g - f '''
Principal - 4 GG - BB stopped pipes
Fifteenth - 2
Hautboy - 8 from c '
manual: 58 notes GG (no GG#) - f '''
pedal for Nags head swell
shifting movement acting on Principal and Fifteenth
electric blowing (original hand and foot blowing remains)

A 10" x 8" colour photograph or high resolution image is available from the original. Please contact us for further details