Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Ruthin, Denbighshire (Clwyd)
1898 E. Wadsworth & Brother, Manchester for Royal Manchester College of Music. 1938 Jardine & Co Manchester. Bought for £200 from Royal Manchester College of Music for Heaton Moor Congregational church. Rebuilt with pneumatic action to pedals. 1969 J. Bath & Son tonal changes, Solo box for clarinet and harmonic flute removed. 2003 Henry Willis sympathetic reconstruction. New casework by Stephen Bicknell.
Bourdon 16
Open Diapason 8
Violoncello 8
Bourdon 8
Octave 4
Wald Flute 4 wood
Doublette 2
Mixture III
Trumpet 8
Diapason 8
Flûte traversière 8
Viole de gambe 8
Voix Céleste 8TC
Gemshorn 4
Cornet III
Cornopean 8
Oboe 8
Salicional 8
Gedact 8
Salicet 4
Flute Douce 4
Orchestral Oboe 8
Cor Anglais 8
Flute Harmonique 8
Fagotto 16 new
Bombarde 8, replacing pre 1969 Tuba
Clarionette 8
Contrabass 16
Subbass 16
Octave 8
Bass Flute 8
Bombarde 16
Swell to Great
Solo to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Solo to Pedal
Manual: C - a 58 notes
Pedal: C - f 30 notes radiating & concave
Balanced swell pedals to Swell and Solo
Key action: tracker-pneumatic to Great and Swell; remainder tracker
Electric stop action
Clochettes (cymbalstern) added 2003
16 general thumb pistons
reversible toe pistons for all couplers
sequencer stepper
96 levels of memory
card reader with 8 cards

Originally designed by James Kendrick Pyne for the concert hall of the Royal Manchester College of Music. Opened by him on 11th May 1898. Cost was £950 paid for by Miss Dorothy Lees in memory of her father and to mark her coming of age.
A 10" x 8" colour photograph or high resolution image is available from the original. Please contact us for further details